Custom Helicopter Services

Vertical Flight Technologies specializes in custom helicopter services. We offer “best in class” service and we take great pride in assuring that our customers receive the best value for their money. We go to any height for our clients! One of the ways we try to save our clients money is by cutting down on operation costs. We have the ability to transport our aircraft on a custom-designed trailer to your job site anywhere in the continental United States. Our company understands being “green” can and will save you money.

Lift Work

This is an area in which we excel. We transport our aircraft to your site via our custom-made trailer saving you money.


Government Contracting

We can transport rock, dirt, or any other type of material to previously inaccessible areas. We can deliver on time and on budget.


Our aircraft has a competitive lift capacity of 4,000 pounds. More importantly, the aircraft can react to your immediate needs. We specialize in Steel Tower Construction, HVAC/Rooftop Placement, Fire Fighting, even Downed Aircraft Recovery.

Bale Bombing

Bale Bombing

We are equipped to bale bomb your previously burnt areas. Give us a call today and let us help you transport your materials quickly.


Fire Fighting

We have ample experience in the discipline of fire fighting. Should you require expert assistance, we are here to help.



We can provide a UH-1H and a substantial seismic background.


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